Alan Lim

UC Santa Barbara
Chemical Engineering

Developing a Dynamic MRI-Optogenetics Imaging Phantom

The goal of this research project is to develop a dynamic MRI-optogenetics imaging phantom. Currently, we image MRI samples using a cylindrical container, or phantom, filled with agarose to record the MRI signals. Our goal is to adapt our current cylindrical phantom and convert it into a device capable of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI, an MRI technique that takes sequential images of a sample over time to record how the signal changes with time.

To vary the concentrations of the samples themselves during the MRI measurements and thus change the MRI signals, I am developing a new imaging phantom that can add more concentration of the sample to the container vessel while it is still inside the MRI imaging device. This model is being developed in SolidWorks and then 3D-printed with non-magnetic plastics. Afterward, the model will be modified further and have an optogenetics component added so that you can shine light onto your MRI samples and activate them. Once the model is completed, it will be tested in preliminary experiments to verify its functionality.

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